March 25, 2011

Sewing scissors are just that........

    Years ago as I was sewing some pillows for my friends girls, I learned never to use a steak knife as a seam ripper. Why? Because that is not what knives are designed for and I now have a scar on my hand from my learning experience.
    I had sewn too far and had to seam rip a small area. I did not have a seam ripper so I chose to improvise with a steak knife. Poor decision on my part. When the thread finally gave up the fight, the knife went straight into my hand, and in fact touched the bone. So much for my white fur pillow. I survived the whole ordeal with new knowledge. Only use things for what they were designed for. Now fast forward a few years.
    Nick is attempting to open a zip lock bag of frozen beef. It was pretty frozen so he decides to dig out a kitchen utensil for help. Does he get the scissors? No, he digs out a bread knife. You know the one, it looks like a giant saw disguised as a kitchen knife. Well, it didn't work out real well for Nick. He chopped a good deep cut into his finger and damaged so many nerves he can barely use it at times. So lesson learned, you would think. A couple weeks ago I went to use my nice sewing scissors. I could not find them anywhere! Finally I ask Nick if he has seen them. "Well, yes, I was using them to cut some wire and the handle broke. I'm so sorry." I was not very happy, however, I really tried to be as understanding as possible. "OK," I said. "Put it on our shopping list." "They almost pinched my hand in them! Just so you know. I am OK though." I really had to try and not say anything sarcastic at that one.
    So, if you have not had your own incident with using things inappropriately, let this be enough for you. Learn from our mistakes, because if you don't you may end up with a nasty cut and scar! Also, remember sewing scissors are just that, sewing scissors!

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March 20, 2011

Science Fair Fun!

    I remember doing the elementary school science fair and I can't say I have positive memories of it. In fact someone ruined my project before I could even present it! Anyway, enough about the ol' days.
    Arthur recently completed a science fair experiment for his elementary school with a group from his class. The experiment was "What will keep water warm the longest?" His group had 2 paper cups and around one they put two layers of bubble wrap. Around the other cup they had a layer of black paper, and a layer of bubble wrap. They did several days of testing and typing up their presentation. They found that the 2 layers of bubble wrap holds heat the longest. They received 3rd place in the school science fair and got to continue on to district! I was ecstatic! The day of Arthur's district presentation, Nick, Titus and I all got to go see him present the group project to the judges. We would not know how he ranked for several days. Friday evening we could go see all the ribbons and find out how the group did. We got to the experiment and Arthur says, "UGH! A brown ribbon?! Why did they have to make the participant ribbons brown?!" I looked over at him and said, "Well, first off the participant ribbons aren't brown, they are blue. See??" I said holding up another experiments participant ribbon. "Second off, your ribbon isn't brown, it's Bronze!" I was so excited, you would think I won the ribbon! "What does Bronze even mean?" Arthur asked. So I explained to him that Bronze is like 3rd place! We all had Dairy Queen as a celebration dessert! GREAT JOB ARTHUR! We are sooo proud of you!!

March 16, 2011

Bowling Chaos!

    Friday night was Nicks "Guy night" at our house, so I had to find something for me and the kids to do! This was my opportunity to have a mom and kids fun night! My sister, Jenz, said she needed something to do as well, so I suggested we go bowling! Tina, a friend, said she wanted to come too. It all started to look like a fun time! Little did I know, there was chaos looming, just waiting to strike!
    When we arrived at Showtime Family Lanes, we figured out how many people were joining. Eight children and four adults, Jenz and her 3 kids, Tina and her 2 kids, me with my 3 kids and my dad. After paying a small fortune for one game each and shoes, we were on our way to lanes 28, and 29. Lane 28 was grown ups and lane 29 was for the kids. We set up our screens for a great time and corralled all the children who were running amok. Jenz, had to keep track of Joshua, who is 2. He thought running toward the pins was great fun, even though he kept slipping and falling.
     I attempted to roll my first turn however, as I approached the lane Jaden and Ciara, started screaming at me and jumping around "OH MY GOSH, AUNTIE! YOU CAN DO IT! AHHHHhhhh!!!" Either way I ended with a spare. The kids seemed to be having fun with their game when suddenly Jenz noticed Haiden pushing buttons on the control panel. Unfortunately, she was too late and the kid screen went blank, they were several frames in. After 5 minutes I went to the front to see about a reset. The lady at the counter could not fix it and had to call to the back to see if they could figure it out. (they could not) She bumped the kids to lane 31.
    Throughout this entire time we had been chasing Joshua, telling all the kids to stay away from other players and many had been nearly maimed with bowling balls several times. I was at my wits end at this point. My kids were being great and staying seated, although we had SEVERAL trips to the restroom, some lasting a good 10 -15 minutes. I was slowly losing my mind between making kids sit down, keeping track of Joshua, and attempting to bowl at the same time. The seventh frame rolled around and my screen said "pre paid limit over!" "What!? I paid for a game!" Back to the front I went, pretty angry that another thing had gone wrong. The lady at the counter kindly let me know that only 3 of our 4 adults had paid for their games and yet there were still 4 players.... Hmmmmm...... Back to lane 28, where I confronted Tina with this new knowledge. "Oh, oops, I was hoping I wouldn't have to pay. I can't really afford it." It was at this point I REALLY had to hold my tongue. So this incident held us up another 20 minutes! My kids started crying at this point. Arthur said, "This is all just so much crazyness! I can't handle it!" Then Taylor, "Can't we just be done?!" We all agreed to finish the adult game and then leave. Even with all the crazyness I still ended up winning. It was truly Miraculous after all that was going on around me!
    When we all got loaded in to the car the kids asked sweetly, "next time can we go secret bowling, and not tell anyone?" At the end of this crazy Friday night? Of course, I will never try this again!

March 03, 2011

Kids say the funniest things!

#1~ I had explained to Titus that "coffee makes it so you don't grow as tall." "Oh! So you drink coffee every day so you don't grow bigger than the city?!?"

#2~ I pull out my records and Arthur's eyes pop out of his head as he says "WOW! Those are the biggest CD's I have ever seen!"

#3~ I made the mistake of wearing pink in the house. Arthur says, " EEwwww! Pink is NOT allowed in our house!"
Me, "Why?"
Arthur, "because pink is a girl color!"
Me, "Oh, well I am a girl."
Arthur, "Your only kind of a girl"
Me, "Oh? Why am I only 'kind of a girl?'"
Arthur, "Because you play in the mud and catch bugs and stuff, so your mostly a boy!"

#4~ Titus' knowledge of babies, "OK, so when God wants you to have a baby he puts it in your belly and when it is ready to come out it scratches all the way out! That is why you have scratch marks on your belly!"

#5~ Titus says very excitedly, "Mom! What day is today!?"
I reply, Today is Monday." 
Titus' eyes open really wide, and his jaw hits the floor and he yells even more excited "Monday no pants day?!?!"

#6~ Nephew Joshuah gets sprayed with a squirt gun and he was NOT happy! He responded with " dot pway me! I'm no pire! Translation "Don't spray me! I'm no fire!"

#7~ Titus comes to me with an apple in hand. The apple has a bite taken out of it and he says, "Mom, Arthur won't give my apple back!"
My reply, "who's apple is this?' Pointing to the one in his hand.
"This is Arthur's apple!"
Me, "Well they are both the same"
Titus, Well this one is Arthur's, Mine doesn't have a bite out of it!"
Me, "Did Arthur bite it?"
Titus, "No, I did, but I was being nice! I was making sure it wasn't poisonous!"

#8~ 3 days after the transfer of a surro baby, Titus pats my belly and says, "I think the baby is in there..... You're already looking fat!"

#9~ Titus says "When I grow up, I want to be an Elephant!" 
Me "Oh? Why?"
Titus "Because, Elephants eat with their nose, so they can smell their food while they eat!"

#10~ I asked Titus what we should get aunt Amy and uncle Dennis for Christmas.
Titus replied, "Just give them a box of cats!"
(They already have 9)