April 20, 2011

The Ginger Bread Cookies are Loose!!

   It had been a very long week already, and Titus had been making it even longer with a bunch of "i'm not getting my way" fits. So I was surprised when he cam rushing into the shop in a hurry.
  "Mom, did you see them?! Did they come by here!?"
   Before I could even ask what he was talking about he was gone in a rush again. I continued working and Steven, my co worker, started cracking up. "You aren't worried?"
   "No, he has something going on! I am curious though!"
   Five minutes later Titus came rushing back in.
   "Were they here?! I thought they came this way! Did you see them come by here at all?" He says while out of breath.
    "See what?! What came by here?!"
   "My ginger bread men! They are loose again!"

Steven and I about lost it, with laughter! The look on his face and the annoyed tone in his voice said so much!!! I wish I could take a small peak into what is going on in there!

The Beautiful Princess......

    I hear Titus from the back seat of the van,
"Mom, I'm gonna sing you a beautiful song about a princess. The princess is you...."
   He continues with a story, sang in some tune... "Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, and she loved walking in the wooooooods. One day as she was walking in the woods looking at the beautiful trees and she triiiiiiiipped and hit her heeeeeeeead and fell in the muuuuuuuud. Then she was all dirtyyyyyyyy. Then, when she woke up she was in the castlllllllle. Then she started to cryyyyyy, because she realized it was the bad guys castlllllllle. The end! Wans't that beautiful mom???" I couldn't believe it! Things never ended this way when I was a kid!

April 16, 2011

Taylor's "Friend who is a girl"

    Taylor is such a handsome boy! He has girls swooning around him already! He ignores it and is in fact embarrassed about the whole thing. He was invited to "Katie's" Birthday Party. Nick and I were intrigued.  "Is she a girlfriend?" Nick asked. "NO!" (Taylor turns red and hides his face in the couch pillows) "Do you hang out at recess?" I ask. The pillows move up and down in a "yes" motion. Nick continues, "Do you hold hands?" Taylors head pops out of the pillows, "No! That is the number 1 thing on her rule list, no holding hands!"
Nick and I dropped it at this point, clearly this is a girl who has good rules!

    The day school got out for Christmas break he got a hand written card from her. It read;

"Dear Taylor,
   I'll miss you during Christmas vacation, and I hope you have a good one. See you next year! Signed, Katie
P.S. Don't show anyone this letter because of what I'm going to write: I think I like you. (Don't scream)"

    Taylor said "I nearly screamed!" It was a great moment that I had to document! Some day he will appreciate me keeping this information!