May 16, 2012

Mothers Day Special....

All moms dream of this day and hope for relaxation.  Once you have kids however, you realize that relaxation will not happen unless you ditch the kids and head for the spa, which defeats the purpose of mothers day, doesn't it?

   The husbands and dads are so sweet to try and get our lovely children to adhere to the rules of mothers day.  You can hear them whispering in the morning, and talking sternly in the evening.  They make breakfast in bed, lunch and dinner or plan fun outings and try to make sure you don't lift a finger all day!

   My mothers days are always filled with fun!  This year, my day started the night before.  Titus has been afraid of the dark lately, and sounds, and so he was up all night needing mom to comfort him and rub his back.
   Early the next morning I woke to the smell of bacon and eggs wafting in the air and the sound of my husband talking to the kids.

Nick~ "You had better be quiet and let your mom sleep!"

Kids~ *Laughing, talking, being loud

Nick~ "Boys!  Shhhhh!  I am serious!"

I finally drag my lazy butt out of bed and it is about 7:30 am.  Nick is so sweet.  He had coffee ready and had gotten me creamer, and had breakfast ready as well!  As I drank my coffee trolling Craigs List for a great deal, when I saw it.  A wooden play structure for only $50.

   Let me explain my obsession a bit.  We have a nice sized property and thus have what has been dubbed, "Boy Island".  This boy island consists of several wood play structures all built together over a period of time to create a monstrous play area.  It also has a large tree fort and also a fire pit for the grown ups.

   So when I saw another structure for such a great deal, I had to call.  They still had it!  We packed up the family and headed to Eagle Point to pick it up.  After much bugging for lunch before 11 am we had it loaded up and were on our way back home!

   Nick and the kids got me some outside plants and a nice flower pot and the kids made me some very nice cards and home and school made gifts.
This is my favorite part of mothers day.  I love to see the proud looks on their face when they present the beautiful cards and or gifts they have worked so hard on.  These are bits of love that you can cherish for a life time.  I love the array of wild flowers (including dandelions) they bring in and place in a plastic cup for you to enjoy.  This, is parenthood.  Sure, you have the bickering, and complaining. The messy rooms and stinky bathrooms, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

   Nick was sure to keep me off my feet and I did take a small break to get my hair cut and get my free Dutch Bros smoothie.

  There were some periodic meltdowns, and bickering as is to be expected, but overall the day was great!  I could have done without the kids bickering at times, but you know what?  I am a mom, and this is what moms hear day in and day out.  At least my sweet husband did all he could to curb the poor behavior.  Just that is enough to make me smile and enjoy my day.  He cares THAT much.

   I think Mothers Day should be re named "Appreciate Your Spouse Day"  because that is what happens after mothers day.  You have another chance to see why you love them and appreciate them as much as you do.

 What was your favorite part of mothers day?