April 24, 2012

Sonoma, Wine Country!!

  Last weekend Nick and I had the privilege of staying in Sonoma California.  It is a quaint little town in the heart of wine country!  It reminds me of Grants Pass in many ways.  The old brick buildings, the nice down town area, and the friendly folks.

  I only found one problem with Sonoma......

  Nick and I stayed at the Sonoma Historic Hotel while we were there.  It is a lovely place and has fun accents that hint at it's age.  They have free wine tasting from 5 to 6 in the evening and a free continental breakfast with coffee and orange juice to go with it.

  The first night in Sonoma was perfect.  Nick and I wandered around and looked in the open shops, and found an AMAZING Italian restaurant.  We stopped in for dinner.  We tried the Duck in a reduced white wine sauce with house made wide noodles.  It was pretty good!  Nick and I had never tried duck, so it was a new experience for us.

  We also had a bottle of wine from the valley, and dessert..... I cannot fully explain the amazing desserts, but I will try.   We liked the sound of 3, but had control and ordered 2.  We ordered a rum cake and tiramisu.

  The rum cake was completely different than any other rum cake I had ever tasted.  It was like a fluffy angel food cake that was infused with rum and had a delicious vanilla taste perfectly balanced with the other flavors.  This was served with an amazing anglais sauce that we could not get enough of.

   The tiramisu was also different.  It did not have any mascarpone cheese like it would normally.  Instead, it had an amaretto mixture of the whip cream consistency and lady fingers soaked with the perfect mix of whatever they put in it.  Again, it was served with the anglais sauce.

Both different, both amazing.

The next morning, Saturday, we had our pastries and went out to find a coffee shop for our much needed espresso.

  The morning was beautiful!  The sun was shining and the day was going to be great!  We passed several wine bars and taverns that were open at about 8am and still could not find our espresso.  After over an hour of walking in the sweet morning air we had come to a very sad conclusion.  In Sonoma, you cannot get an espresso drink prior to 10am.

   We were beside ourselves!  I could not believe we could get wine and beer, but no coffee!  This is the only problem with Sonoma, and I am sure it would not be a problem if we did not come from the land of espresso.

  We finally got a coffee and it was really not pleasant, but we managed to get through it prior to our day of meetings.

   The rest of the day was scorching and beautiful.  We met some new friends for dinner at "The Girl And The Fig" which was AMAZING! They have great food! We then headed in for the night, only to discover the air in our room was not working.  We headed downstairs and after speaking with the person on staff learned that the entire 3rd floor had no air.

  This would not be a problem if it were not 90* outside.  We opened our window and hotel door for some airflow and eventually went to sleep.

   The only problem with having the window open was that Sonoma folk don't seem to sleep!  They are so busy having fun, they were making a horrendous amount of noise outside our window.

   We did not get much sleep that night, but the trip was still fun overall!  They have great wine and fun shops, along with beautiful weather!  I would suggest "The Girl And The Fig" for dinner, and the Historic Sonoma Hotel to stay at.  It was really beautiful, despite the bad air conditioning unit!

 Do you have any fun places you like to visit?


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