April 13, 2012

When the van is paid off....

     There are several things Nick and I want around the house, none of them essential.  Things like new towels that actually match, or new dishes that are an actual matching set, or some home upgrades. The biggest being some decent clothes that do not look like a rabid dog chewed them to bits on the floor just prior to us tossing them on in the morning.  When we speak of these things, we start it with "when the van is paid off I want to....." 

   Well, the van is nearly paid off, and the "when the van is paid off" list is so long, I can't believe it.  The boys have caught on to this saying and add their own things to the list.

   "When the van is paid off, can I do Karate?"  Can we buy a new motorcycle?  Can we go to Kid Zone? Can we, can we?  The list continues to grow by the day.

    When the van is paid off, we will burn through this list pretty quickly, as the things we want will not cost much.  I would say just a couple months will cover the whole list!  All but the garage....

   We have talked about saving for a garage.  I know this will have to happen within a few years as the boys are getting older and we will have more cars parked in the driveway needing fixed.  Oh, the joys of boys!  

   As I write this, Nick is in Portland at the annual Portland Swap Meet with his dad, Chuck, buying parts for the 65 Mustang Fast Back.  It is Nicks dream to have a project car again, and it won't happen until there is a dry place to work, hence, a garage.  

Nick, Chuck, and now Taylor, go to the meet every year and drool over rusty car parts, and occasionally, bring some home.  This year I know they got some wheels and tires, a center console, and an NOS Rally Pack.  ( A rare part, I have been told.)  It's a good thing they took the van!

   He will however, have to continue working on cars at Dads house until the van is paid off, and we can work on getting him his garage.

  Do you have a saying like ours at your house?  What is it, and how did it come about?


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