October 16, 2006

Monday, October 16, 2006

Well the boys are both doing really good in school! Taylor is doing so well he is BORED!!!! We asked the school if he could be skipped and we were quickly told "We don't do that anymore!" Ok, so we are supposed to let our son be bored and unchallenged just to make the school happy? I think NOT!!So it has been decided Taylor will be home schooled. Arthur is in the top of his class!! Most the kids dont even know how to spell their name, let alone write it! Arthur is reading, writing and making lots of friends. Arthur is a social bee so he needs school for that. Taylor is social in different ways. He will do sports for his friends. Titus has mastered rolling! He is everywhere! We will be installing gates real soon! I just love watching the boys as they grow and learn to do new things!!