March 27, 2012

The Minion

I was recently on a lovely shopping trip, enjoying the quiet that comes with not bringing the kids along.  It wasn't quiet by any means, it was WalMart.  The shopping trip had gone by very quickly as I did not have to hear whining about the "cookie club" or toy section or advert any meltdowns by saying "no" to the aforementioned distractions.  Ah, yes.  All was well in Misti Land. 

    So I paid for our "small" shopping trip, (although $163 is hardly small) and headed into the Oregon rain toward the van.  I ran and splashed water everywhere as I pushed the key fab to open the back hatch for cover.

   I get to the van soaking wet and begin to unload the groceries as strategically as possible so nothing gets smashed or broken and as I look up I see big white eyes staring at me from over the back seat.

   I jumped away from the van in sheer terror and screamed at the same time.  People started looking at me, probably wondering what the heck this crazy woman was screaming for.

   I did not know what or whom was lurking in the back seat of the van.  I crept up slowly to find out......

  There it was.  Titus' blow up Minion from the "Despicable Me" movie, staring over the seat with wide white goggled eyes.

   Now I have to say, I am not easily scared, but this scared the jeepers out of me! 

So to everyone out there with kids, please be aware of the Minion!  He is lurking somewhere, just waiting to scare and embarrass you at any moment......

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March 16, 2012

Titus Rocks!

Titus is a hilarious boy with funny takes on life.  His latest and pretty hilarious song tells us exactly how he feels about himself.

I will type it with his "kid accent" and then will translate.

Scene;  Titus, who is 5 with a guitar in hand (not playing it mind you).

"I wock!  I wock so much! I wock so much cuz I have a cuitaw! Oh yeah, I have a cuitaw cuz I wock so much!"

Translation: I rock! I rock so much!  I rock so much because I have a guitar! Oh yeah, I have a guitar because I rock so much!  You get the idea, now lets continue....

"Mom doesn't wock cuz she doesn't have hew cuitaw! Dad doesn't wock cuz he dosen't have a cuitaw!  The boowuddews don't wock, cuz they can't pway the cuitaw like me!  Oh yeah, I wock so much!"

Translation:  Mom doesn't rock because she doesn't have her guitar! Dad doesn't rock because he doesn't have a guitar! The brothers don't rock, because they can't play the guitar like me! Oh yeah, I rock so much!"

This song is sang with no specific tune, just what comes flowing from his mouth at the moment.  Genius at it's best.....

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March 11, 2012

Mornings at home....

  Most of you who have children will totally understand this post and others may not.  If you do not have children, this is what you have to look forward to!

Saturday morning at 6:59am;
Titus at my door- "Mom, when are you getting up?"
Me- "I dunno, let me sleep."
Titus- "Mom, I let you sleep in.  Can you get up now?"
Me- "Titus, please go play for a bit.  I will get up soon."
Titus- "Uuuugh!  Ok, then can I wake up the brothers?"
Me- "No, go play quietly and do not wake anybody up. It is too early"
Titus- "Mom.  I'm hungry!  Get up!  I'm HUNGRY!!"
Me- "Fine..... I'm getting up....."
(I lay there not moving, Titus doesn't leave either.)
30 seconds later.....
Titus- "Mom, you are STILL not getting up! Fine, I will go get the brothers...."
Me- "FINE! I'm up, I'm up!

Finally, I was up.  Titus got his breakfast and not 5 minutes after I got up, so did the brothers.  I should have just let Titus wake them up!

So this is how the mornings go around here.  Somewhat different dialogue, but always the same result.  I am up wayyy too early.....

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