January 15, 2011

Kitchen addition

   Nick has drawn up an addition to the kitchen! It won't change much, it will just extend the kitchen floor past the counter that currently ends the kitchen and make it more of an island instead. It looks fabulous and I can't wait to get started and see the end results!

   Nick is so very good at what he does around here, I have started to look forward to having the house torn up for a while! (I may have lost my mind!) It is always worth the wait! He built a short wall and bench in the downstairs family room, and added some tile to make a nice mudroom area. He also took the hideous mustard yellow/orange main bathroom and made it spa like with slate and nice trim! I will try to add some pictures, i'm not sure how to yet, but I will try!

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January 14, 2011

Pet Day

   Titus has "Pet Day" on Wednesday. I'm not really sure Wrink, the dog, is ready for this kind of stimulation. He is such a puppy still all he ever does is run wild around the house! He has been to training classes, however, will only listen with no distraction and of course treats! It will be a new adventure for sure! Ok, forget the dog, am I ready? The closer we get to Wednesday, the more frightened I become! I'm not sure I can handle the impending DOOM called "Pet Day."
   This may be the last year they allow this so called "Pet Day".............

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January 08, 2011

WOW! Fast forward 4 Years!

    Hello friends and family! Sorry about the NOT posting for the last 4 years! Life got away from me! 
     This last year has been an unforeseen adventure! We started the year off with a bathroom remodel in our new house that took 6 months, but was well worth the wait. We stripped it down to the frame and started fresh. (Except, we left the tub) We now have a very spa like feel to the main bathroom and it is Beautiful! Nick has such vision and skill. We also painted Titus’ room, built a tree house and built a car port. The boys are in heaven with their tree house and spent several weekends this summer sleeping in their tent in the tree house.

Nick and I have been married for 5 years! He is such an amazing, Godly man! I couldn’t ask for anything more! We have some small home improvements planned for this next year, we’ll see if they stay small. (Nick gets a vision, and can’t help himself!) I am working at American Aquarium Products and am learning a lot about aquarium and pond maintenance, as well as fish diseases and how to cure them. We also added an addition to our family late last year! He is a medium sized dog named Wrink. He is a Pugalier, (half Pug half King Charles Cavalier) and he is such a delight! Still doing some annoying puppy things, but that soon will pass! 

Taylor is 10 years old! Heavens, how time flies! He is 10 this year, and has a “friend who is a girl” but not a girl friend. They have a secret club and they draw each other pictures!  Too sweet! He is loving school, and is part of an after school Lego robotics club, and was also one of 12 kids chosen for Brain Bowl (Battle of smarts). He has also been recognized by the state of Oregon as “Intellectually Gifted”.  He is still playing the violin and he really enjoys it! Such talent!

Arthur is now 9 years old and really enjoys reading, enough to earn recognition with an Advanced Reader Award at his school and has been able to focus on building Bionicles and Lego space stations! He still wants to be a Paleontologist and is currently studying Volcano’s and how they work. Last year he did an impressive report on Dinosaurs. He included a lot of information, I even learned some things!  He will be great I'm sure of it!

Titus is 4 and it is showing! The 2’s are terrific compared to the 4’s, but we are enjoying the challenge! He is in a Pre K class this year and can now write his name and is recognizing several letters and numbers! He is enjoying school, and his favorite day is Tuesday. Tuesday is “bag day” and they bring something in a bag that starts with the letter of the week. They then give clues about what it is and see who can guess! Titus is very outgoing and loves making new friends. When we pull up to his school all the kids come running, screaming “Titus is here! Hi, Titus!” It is fun to see him growing into such a fun person!

I think thats it for catching up here! I will post more frequently!

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