September 05, 2012

Fashion Police

  I have never considered myself "fashionable".  I have always thought of my style as comfortable, appropriate, and up to date.  With this being said, let me tell the folks of this lovely world what kind of dress is NOT attractive.

  We will start with the girls who, like me, have some extra fluff.  This is nothing to be ashamed of, whether you have had kids or not, but lets dress appropriately for this body. 
   If you are a size 12, wear a size 12.  You are not fooling anyone by squeezing into the size 9/ 10.  It really accentuates that you are NOT the size you are wearing, and it is not attractive in any way.  Think, not only do you have the muffin top going, (all the way around) you also have your butt crack hanging out.  The 12 really does, not only look better, but is also more comfortable!  Try it, you may like it!  (So will the guys!)

  On this same note, I do love me a pair of fitted work out shorts..... That fit.   When you have the size 12 body and you buy the size 10 shorts, they do not look good!  Repeat, NO BUENO! 
   This creates the muffin top, and the thigh bulge.  Sure you look all taught and slim IN the shorts, but as soon as the shorts end, it's over.  Your thighs bulge out in desperate search of freedom from the squeeze!  Do not put your poor body through this torture.

   Even worse?  When you fold down the top!  DO NOT FOLD DOWN THE TOP OF YOUR SHORTS!!!  This only makes the aforementioned muffin top problem even worse.  If the shorts were meant to be so low, they wouldn't have added the extra fabric to begin with.

   And another thing, say you ARE wearing the right size clothing.  Wear real clothing.  You wearing your pajama/ sweat pants and slippers around is not cute in any way.  (Unless you are sick and on a medication run, this is not acceptable) Get up and get dressed!  Do your hair, or at least brush it!  You may think this is a cute style, but everyone else just thinks you're lazy, and you wouldn't want that, would you? 

   Sweatpants with the saying on the butt.  These are just another topic all together.  If you wear these, you are asking all men, young and old to look at your ass.  Seriously, the creepy guy who keeps staring?  Think about it girls, you are just asking for trouble here....

   OK, off the subject of pants.  Shirts.  Please be sure these are appropriate for my children to see unless you plan on being cooped up in your house.  Have some respect!  I don't want to see your breasts hanging out, this is what bras are designed for.   I don't want to read cuss words, my kids can read too!  ( Think, how would you feel if they were YOUR young children reading them and asking YOU about what they mean)  More importantly, if you have the muffin top as mentioned earlier, you shouldn't be showing your midriff!  Cover it up!  I don't care what size you are, dress appropriately!!

   Guys....... Really?  I don't want to see your underpants, boxers, etc, nor do I want my children to see them!  Pull up your pants!  This is more attractive to females, than letting it all hang out!  Besides, girls like to check out your backside, and can't when it looks like you have pooped in your pants..... So gross.....

   On another note, skinny pants.  I will really never understand these on men.  They make it look like maybe you lost your pants somewhere and had to borrow a girl friends pair.  And sagging these is a super serious NO!

   I understand it gets hot in the summer, but have some class.  You do not need to mow your lawn, go for walks, shopping, etc. with your shirt off.  Women have more clothing, and yet somehow still survive the summer with their clothes on!  (Well most of us.....)

   My general rule for dressing?  Look around!  What are successful people wearing?  Their sweatpants and slippers?  No.
  Saggy skinny jeans?  No.

   This goes for any size.  I have some friends who are curvier than me.  They dress nice, and look great! 
  Dress in the size you are, and if you are unsure of what size this is, go to a department store.  They would be more than happy to measure you and tell you what size you should be wearing!

 Dress for success!  First impressions are a big deal, and you never know who may end up being a future employer or interviewer. 

  (I had to mention this as I have had a young girl turn in her application in her jammies.  I didn't even look at her as a possibility.  If you can't get dressed, what makes me think you can make it to a job?)

  What are some "trends" you can't stand?


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