June 19, 2011

Camping adventures!!

   Titus is 5 years old officially! To celebrate his birthday we went camping and took  the Walkers with us! This includes Titus' best friend Kenny.
   We left on Friday and after 3 hours of hearing, "how much longer?" and "are we there yet?" we finally arrived! The weather was perfect! Warm, sunny and beautiful! This rarely happens on the Oregon coast, it seems.
   We played for most of the day at Sunset Bay. The water was not too cold and it is not very deep so I don't have to worry about the kids so much. I can also see them for the entire length of the beach. They cannot go anywhere I can't see them. MUAHWAHWAHWAH!
   Anyway, I did learn something new, seals molt. I had no idea until there was a molting seal on our beach! The kids all got quite a kick out of seeing him up there just layin' around!
   After our long beach day we headed back to camp where we cooked hot dogs over the fire and made some s'mores. I must say I have become quite the expert at roasting marshmallows without burning them or over cooking them! They are perfect and gooey all the way through, yummy! The kids were so exhausted they fell asleep without a peep and we did not hear from them again until morning! This was huge as it was also the first year Titus has not slept in our tent! He slept with the older brothers and loved every second!
   Saturday morning the kids slept in amazingly enough! We started the day at the beach where the Walkers, Sarissa, Taylor, Kaden, Kenny and Kelson, met us! They all ran straight for the water as soon as they arrived and had a blast! We headed back to camp for lunch, and helped Sarissa get camp together. We then went on a hike to Shore Acre Gardens. The kids did great and had a blast! The way back was a bit harder for the kids so we rewarded them with more beach time! Can you go wrong with the beach? The next day we 3 adults were really coffee deprived and Sarissa went on a coffee run. She stopped at "The Mill Espresso and Bakery" where they have AMAZING coffee and customer service! We had to stop again on the way out later in the day for another coffee for the way home. WOW, I will be stopping there every time I come through! If you are ever in the area be sure to stop by this hidden gem! It was a great trip and we will definitely be having the Walkers along again!

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June 09, 2011

Spreading CHEER!!

   Today was the last day of school for Madrona students, and Madrona has such wonderful teachers and office aids I chose to give the gift that keeps on giving in the form of plants!
   I found several Azaleas in pink and orange. I took them to the school for the teachers, principal and office aids involved in my son's care and learning during this last school year! The ladies were so thrilled with their plants and all of them seemed to know exactly where they were going to plant them when they got home!
 I just LOVE making people smile! I wish I could afford more for everybody but I simply can't.
   Just know I appreciate all teachers, aids, principals and office personell and know you all work so very hard at teaching even the toughest kids! (I know Arthur likes to stand and blurt out things in class) You take care of their scrapes and bruises, and sometimes just a hug will get them through the hard days, thanks again!
Hope your summer is great! See you next year!

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